Daniel Tanoukhi


Hey! My name is Daniel Tanoukhi - I’m a Videographer/Creator based in Northern VA. I’m so excited to be a preferred vendor for Berry Plains Farm.

Since the early age of 4 years old, I’ve been an entertainer. I spent all of my elementary school years traveling and performing for local crowds as a singer and dancer. A passion for visual arts and storytelling has always been the driving force in my life.

After high school, I spent a few years in Tampa, Florida before moving to NewYork City to pursue acting. That experience led me to realize an education and a true understanding for the craft of storytelling/filmmaking was necessary.

I moved to Pittsburgh, PA and was accepted into the Art Institute OfPittsburgh, where I acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Filmmaking. From there, life has found me back in my home state of Virginia. Here, I met the love of my life and started a family. My wife Blair, my son Ayden and my daughter MJ are my inspirations.

Today, as a family man, I’m more focused, experienced, driven, inspired and passionate then I’ve ever been.

As a creator, I strive for perfection. I’m a one man band - cinematography, editing, color grading, sound design - everything by myself. I put all of my passion and energy into every project.

Moving forward as a preferred vendor of Berry Plains, I really want to focus on building great relationships with the clients who are trusting me to film such a special day in their lives. I’ll aim to know who you are and why you love each other. Let’s keep on open floor of communication. Let’s have coffee or jump on a zoom call - feel free to suggest to me anything that’s important to you or any creative ideas you might have in mind. I want you guys to be100% comfortable and as engaged as possible. It’s YOUR love story... let me film it.

For me, it’s simple: make you something special. Make you laugh and cry. Deliver something magical and from the heart. I take that responsibility seriously.

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